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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Out-Faking The Fakers: Chinese Librarian Proud Of Forged Masters

Article by: Austin Ramzy
Paintings on preview for an auction in Hong Kong including works by Zhang Daqian (second from right) and Qi Baishi (left, second from left and third from left). Xiao Yuan said he copied paintings by both masters.Credit Adam Dean for The New York Times
A librarian who admitted to a court this week that he substituted his own paintings for works by Chinese masters, and then sold the originals at auction, insisted he was not the only one to carry out such fraud. He was simply the best at it.

Xiao Yuan, the author of several books on Chinese art and a former librarian at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, said he came up with the scheme when he began a project to digitize the school’s collection in 2003 and noticed that many originals had been replaced with fakes.


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