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Monday, August 31, 2015

tom richmond sketches

Inspirational caricature artist; Tom Richmond, born May 4, 1966, is an American freelance humorous illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist whose work has appeared in many national and international publications since 1990.
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 Tom Richmond [born May 4, 1966] is an American freelance humorous illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist whose work has appeared in many national and international publications since 1990. He was chosen as the 2011 "Cartoonist of the Year" Reuben Award winner by the National Cartoonists Society

Some of Richmond's earliest publication work was for the comic book Married... with Children for NOW Comics, and the mini-series The Coneheads for Marvel Comics in the early 1990s. Specializing in caricature, he began doing editorial illustrations for magazines, art for advertising and CD-ROM graphics in 1992. In the late 1990s he had a brief stint at Cracked magazine before beginning to work for MAD magazine in 2000. Now a major contributor to MAD, Richmond's caricatures and cartoons illustrate many of MAD's trademark movie and TV parodies. He was the first illustrator in the modern (non-comic book) era to do his TV and film parodies in full color, coinciding with MAD's switch to a color format in 2001. In addition to MAD, Richmond continues to do freelance illustration for a variety of publications and advertising clients.
Richmond's work has also been seen in film and on television. He has a credit in the 2008 film Super Capers as an illustrator, having contributed caricature illustrations for opening credit and flashback animations for the movie. In 2010 he contributed animation character design for CGI animated segments in the film "I Want Your Money", as well as doing the one-sheet poster art. Also in 2010, he began contributing artwork and character design for the Cartoon Network animated show "MAD", based on the magazine.
Richmond has been honored with several awards, including Caricaturist of the Year twice, in 1998 and 1999 by the National Caricaturist Network and with a divisional Reuben award for Advertising Art in 2003, 2006 and 2007, and for Newspaper Illustration in 2009 from the National Cartoonists Society. In 2011, Richmond became the 34th president of the Society, succeeding Jeff Keane. NCS presidents are chosen for two-year terms.
Richmond designed the look of Achmed Junior, one of the puppets used by ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, which made his debut in Dunham's 2010 Identity Crisis tour, and made his first onscreen appearance in Dunham's 2011 Comedy Central special, Jeff Dunham: Controlled Chaos.
In 2011, Deadline Demon Publishing published Richmond's book on the art of drawing caricatures, The Mad Art of Caricature! A Serious Guide to Drawing Funny Faces.
On August 27, 2006, he appeared in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine. Richmond returned the favor by caricaturing the strip's creator Stephan Pastis inside a garbage can, in a 2006 issue of Mad. On December 30, 2012, he appeared in Mort Walker's comic strip Beetle Bailey.

source: wikipedia

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